Over the years, we have had many people move away from our area and not leave us a forwarding address. This results in multiple dividend checks that go uncashed every year. If you are one of these people, or know any of these people, would you contact our office at 641-822-3211? Thanks for your help!
Owners of uncashed dividend checks
Adam Bradley
Alex Busma
Amanda Boyd
Andrea Kraus
Andy Prugh
Berniece Dietz
Brendon Ferris
Concrete Creations
Crystal Huberg
Cyndi Anderson
Darrin Wilson
David or Trixie Despenas
Diana Morrison
Donna Kelm
Doug Sutton
Douglas Abrams
Douglas Fraser
Dustin Cole
Erin Torruella
Fannie Foss
Father David R Belland
Greg or Veronica Endelman
Heather Jones
Janet Wright
Jason Foell
Jodi Terhark
Joel or Katrina Perry
John or Ruth Macpherson
John Prust
Joseph M Weber
Justin or Sarah Staley
Karen Turner
Kathryn Weber
Kevin Bangs
Kristen Chapman
Kristy Olson
Kyle Schnebly
Leonard or Esther Griner
Linda J Findley
Madison Goodley
Martie or Cyndi Carlsgaard
Paul Chiarello
Rebecca or Jamie Jones
Richard or Betty Wharton
Robert Leduc
Robert or Luann Foster
Robert White
Ronald J Weber
Scott Pabst
Scott Rippentrop
Scott True
Shannon Worthen
Shari Kisner
Sherry Bielefeld
Steve or Stacy Abbas
Thomas Becker
Thomas Kramer
Tiffany Menken
Tisha Foster
Tony White